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Sunday 25 March 2018

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  • Iran, Powers to sit for third expert-level negotiations

    Iran, Powers to sit for third expert-level negotiations
    Monday 30 December 2013 11:29

    TEHRAN, Dec. 30 (MNA) – Experts from Iran and Powers will meet for the third time in a month to discuss the mechanisms to implement Geneva joint Action Plan on Monday.

    Mehr News reported that Iran and Powers experts would resume talks on December 30. Hamid Baidinejad leads the Iran’s negotiation team. This is the third time in a month after Geneva joint Action Plan had signed that the experts meet to examine the Plan.

    Iran and Powers nuclear talks were held last week in Geneva, but postponed due to New Year holidays. The talks had been held in Vienna, but broke off when the US enacted new round of sanctions against Iran. Ashton and Araghchi met in Brussels, and agreed to resume talks. Ashton ensured the Iranian side that they, especially the US would remain committed to implementation of Geneva deal.

    After the second round, Ashton spoke to Zarif in a phone call last Sunday. They agreed to resume talks after Christmas holidays.

    “All rounds of talks would be tough and replete with difficulties, needing much perseverance, care, and alertness,” told Zarif, “my colleagues would continue talks to reach an understanding, and they would protect Iranian national interests and esteem.”


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